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October 23, 2011

#478: Arkansas CX weekend

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no time for a report…

Night race at Kanis Park, Little Rock.  Bad start, caught in traffic, saved an extended podium – 4th

Race started at about 8:45 pm at moderately sketchy park in Little Rock (Kanis Park) on a moderately sketchy course (dusty and bumpy).  I had a bad start which was pretty much due to my foot not being on either pedal at the start and failing to engage.  Fail.  At this point, I am probably 13th wheel and now forced to find places to pass.  Effectively, it was nowhere for the first lap or so until guys started to tire out and I could accelerate around in the limited possibilities to pass.  The course was a tight course (short laps) around a baseball field.  The course stayed in the light of the field for the most part and was a bit cramped at places, but it worked out okay.  The worst part was the extremely buckled pavement at the start of the lap (and in the dark).  I had not idea where I was, but the leaders were well out of sight before I got a clear track in from of me.  I ended up holding off the guys behind me to score a 4th place.  Not my best race, but it went okay.

Slippery race at Reservoir Park, Little Rock.  Great battle, ended up 3rd.

Over night, it rained.  The course for Sunday was a sprawling course on a hillside with lots of tight and muddy turns to negotiate.  I pre-rode it a bunch to get comfortable with the various turns although the conditions were changing as more and more riders tore it up.  There was a light drizzle most of the morning so the pavement and the mud was not to set up at all.  The A-race had about 13-15 racers and the start was heading straight up a paved hill.  My start was a bit off and I had to made use of acceleration on each paved section to get up towards the leaders.  The eventual winner was long gone as our group of 3 formed up.  I was feeling good on the power sections (up the start/finish hill) and made sure that I was in front of the group as we entered the single-track like sections.  This was mostly successful as our group went down to two and I lost the other guy when he slid out on a corner behind me.  Unfortunately, he powered back to me and a 1/2 lap later overtook me.  I made a few technical mistakes (not shifting before the barrier for the remount acceleration).  So I ended up in third about 10-12 seconds off 2nd.  The winner was almost exactly a minute over 2nd place (based on time stamps on the photos that Andrea took).

B – race photos

A – race photos

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad you two could come down! Looking forward to seeing you in Nov.

    Comment by Keegen — October 24, 2011 @ 08:29

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